A sofa is an important part of a house. In almost every house with any type and design, you can find this type of furniture with various shapes, sizes, and colors. Usually placed in the living room and the family room. Although some put a sofa in the bedroom. The sofa is identical to a seat covered with soft pads such as foam and then covered with cloth.

The sofa serves as a comfortable place to sit and rest. The sofa itself has the impression of being a place to relax. Even though the sofa itself has more uses and functions than that. The shape of the sofa you can find varies from couches to ordinary chairs.

The sofa is not only comfortable to sit on when it’s time to relax, but it is also expected to make the interior nuances of the room feel more beautiful and attractive when viewed.

But for a house with limited space, you must have the difficulty of having the ideal sofa. Therefore, choosing a sofa that is suitable in terms of function and design that fits in a minimalist room is also not an easy thing. So that you don’t feel confused and avoid the mistake of choosing a minimalist sofa model in the house. Now we will present the following tips:

1. Prioritizing Elements Leisure

Furniture that has the main function as a seat and one of the places to unwind is a comfortable sofa. Looking for a comfortable sofa seems easy, even though it feels quite complicated when doing it. Because when you decide to buy a sofa at the nearest shop, the main thing to do is comfort when sitting on it.

Some of the sofas you will find at the store may sound comfortable, but don’t immediately believe that. The easy thing you have to do is hold, touch and feel the surface of the sofa. After that, try to slightly press the surface of the sofa whether it feels soft or hard. It could be if this soft sofa feels comfortable but in fact, it will make the opposite. Likewise, with a sofa that feels hard, you might think this sofa feels uncomfortable even though if you try to sit on it it will feel different.

As much as possible you try to sit and lean on the sofa you choose and feel comfortable, so you don’t choose the wrong sofa.

The different thing that you will encounter is if you plan to buy a sofa in an online store. Of course, it feels more difficult to determine whether this is comfortable or not. A simple way you can do this is to find out as much as possible regarding the material on the sofa. If possible, you can also review how the reviews of buyers who previously bought a similar sofa.

2. Elements of Aesthetics

Guide to Choosing Sofa Minimalist For Your Room

As a seat that has a comfortable impression, sofas are almost always placed in core spaces such as the living room, family room, and workspace. Because this sofa is placed in a location that is often seen by many people, the elements that make the sofa look aesthetic need to be considered.

Nowadays, various shapes, patterns, and types all follow how the trend develops. This can help add an aesthetic element that can make an impact in your room.

You can choose a minimalist sofa design with many variations that you can choose to match the minimalist living room design and also adjust to other rooms according to your taste. To make the sofa look even more beautiful, you can add pillows with striking colors or match your sofa. It all depends on your needs.

However, if your room doesn’t have a certain theme, you can adjust it to the color of the wall paint. For example, paint the walls in your house white or light gray, so you can choose a nude or dark navy sofa for a neutral choice. To bring a more cheerful impression, you can also use yellow soda or Tosca.

We recommend that from the start you have decided to choose a plain sofa or a patterned sofa. Because a plain sofa will be easier to adjust to the theme and color of the room which will change over time. But, if you prefer patterned sofas, make sure the motifs are timeless or not just following trends because you can easily get bored. Try asking yourself, would you still like this motive for the next two or three years?

3. Multifunctional

With space that has limited land, of course, what you need is storage storage for goods. Now the solution for a minimalist home is to look for a minimalist sofa with the optimization of storage for goods or storage in the form of a drawer under the sofa.

Another solution so that a minimalist sofa is more optimal and also multifunctional, you can also choose the type of sofa bed. The sofa bed is a sofa that has folds and can be adjusted like a pull back like a mattress. So it is perfect to be a gathering place for you and your family. The advantages of this sofa bed can also save space and its various forms can be adjusted to the concept of your minimalist home interior. With its function that can be used as a mattress, you can get undoubted comfort.

What needs to be considered is how big the sofa bed is when it becomes a sofa or when it is opened into a bed. Do not let your sofa bed not be opened when it has been put into the room because the room size is not sufficient. And also check the comfort of the room when the sofa is opened into a bed.

4. Choose a sofa according to your needs

Because now there are so many sofa models, make sure you choose a sofa with a model that suits your needs. The sofa consists of various models, ranging from traditional, modern, to minimalist sofas.

If you need a minimalist sofa to put in your family it seems that a sofa bed is suitable. Meanwhile, if you are going to be placed in the living room, you can choose a minimalist sofa model, such as a minimalist sofa in a small living room with a traditional model, a minimalist sofa chair, or a modern minimalist sofa. It’s all up to your taste.