Whether you’re building your dream home or you’re renovating an existing space, you can add some smart home features to enhance your living experience. With these smart technologies, you can stream your favorite music, control your lighting, and more.

Smart speakers

Using a smart speaker is a good way to increase your control over the audio system in your home. It can be used to set alarms, make appointments, play music, and more. In addition, it can also be integrated with other types of devices, including security systems and motion sensors.

In fact, you can even make use of your smart speaker to order a ride from Lyft or Uber. Some smart speakers also have the ability to send audio via Wi-Fi. These features can be useful, especially if you have older relatives who may be unable to use a computer.

Another smart speaker feature to look for is the ability to display news headlines, sports scores, or stock market reports. Some models come with a screen that allows you to view a live feed from your camera. You can also check the temperature in your refrigerator with your smart speaker.

Smart lighting

Having a smart lighting system can save you money and time while increasing the comfort of your home. These systems are able to sense the environment and turn lights on/off with the help of a smartphone application or smart voice assistant. They also provide you with a customized color scheme. You can adjust the color, intensity, and hue of the light to suit your mood.

You can use your voice to control your smart lights through devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, or Apple HomePod. These devices are compatible with many different types of smart lighting technologies. They come in a variety of price ranges, with prices starting at just under fifty dollars for the Google Home Mini, to nearly two hundred dollars for the Google Home Max.

Smart thermostats

Using a smart thermostat can reduce your home’s energy consumption and provide you with helpful information about your current HVAC system. It also allows you to control your heating and cooling systems remotely, saving you from having to leave the house to do it.

Some models even have voice control, such as the Amazon Smart Thermostat powered by Honeywell technology. These smart devices are designed to be easy to use, and come with features like a proximity sensor and an attractive user interface.

One of the more impressive features of a smart thermostat is its ability to track energy usage in real-time. This can help you save money and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. The thermostat can also be set to send alerts if the temperature inside your home falls outside the boundaries you set.

Smart locks

Having a smart lock is a great way to improve the security of your home. These devices offer keyless entry and lock and unlock capabilities. They can also be integrated into a smart home system to allow you to control other aspects of your home.

Some smart locks can even send mobile alerts to notify you when someone has entered your house. Some come with a backlit keypad for easier keypad operation at night. Some even have a built-in camera so you can see who is at the door.

The best of these devices will come with a smartphone app that lets you control the lock. It may also feature Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Smart doorbells

Having a smart doorbell is a great way to increase your home security. The cameras on these devices work in much the same way as surveillance cameras, but they’re able to capture footage of your doorstep and send it to your phone, tablet or computer. This means you can view visitors when you’re away from home.

These devices also feature motion sensors, which are used to notify you when someone approaches the front door. Some models can adjust their sensitivity, so you can choose how alert you want to be. You can also set up zones where you want to monitor.

Many of these devices can also be integrated with smart assistants. These assistants allow you to make voice alerts and play pre-recorded messages.