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Home flooring and decor is undoubtedly an omnichannel specialty retailer of really hard surface flooring, carpeting, and related equipment. The corporation was started in 2000 and is particularly headquartered in Smyrna, Georgia. The firm’s merchandise contains ceramic tiles, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, and vinyl flooring. Additionally, Flooring & Decor offers accessories and cleaning goods. Located in Smyrna, Ga, the corporation is an American leader in the tough surface area flooring market.

Floor & Decor, which is headed by a former Home Depot executive, operates 45 warehouse format stores in 12 states. In 2013, it reported a 32 percent increase in sales to $441.4 million. It is owned by private equity firms Ares International LLC and Freeman Spogli & Co. The company has more than 30 locations in the United States. As of March 2015, Flooring & Decor was a $2 billion business.

Floor & Decor’s CEO Thomas Taylor is a former Home Depot executive. The business has 45 warehouse-format stores in 12 states. In 2013, it posted a 32 percent revenue increase. The company is owned by private equity firms Freeman Spogli & Co and Ares International LLC. It was established in 2000 and now has over 30 locations. However, Taylor’s background has fueled speculation about the company’s future.

For those looking to renovate their homes, Flooring & Decor’s business model is unique. Instead of allowing their employees to choose merchandise, they let the managers choose their merchandise for the area they serve. The merchandise is typically displayed warehouse-style and …

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