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How to Choose Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Home

How to Choose Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Home

Whether you live in an apartment or an office, indoor plants can add a touch of color and nature to your home or work area. There are a variety of plants you can choose from, including orchids, succulents, and cacti.

Marble Queen Pothos

Having a Marble Queen Pothos indoor plant is a great way to add some color to your home. This beautiful plant is easy to care for and looks fantastic in both hanging baskets and planters. It is also a perfect choice for modern interiors.

This plant requires moderate humidity. You can help increase the humidity by misting the leaves weekly. You can also place the Marble Queen Pothos on a humidifier or humidity tray. This will help to keep the plant healthy.

Although Marble Queen Pothos is relatively low maintenance, it may require pruning at some point. Trimming back the vines encourages new growth.


Whether you are a novice gardener or a professional, Monstera indoor plants can make a big statement in your home. They are known for their beautiful, unique leaves and they are also a good way to add an organic touch to your decor.

The Monstera is a native of Central America and it thrives in moist, well-draining soil. You can help it along by using a moisture meter. If the moisture meter reads that your soil is at least two inches dry, you may need to water your Monstera.

It’s also not uncommon for your Monstera to develop brown spots on its …

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