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Vegetable Garden Ideas

Vegetable Garden Ideas

Whether you are planning on putting in a vegetable garden for the first time or you are a vegetable gardening veteran, there are many great vegetable garden ideas to consider. Some of the most popular options are raised beds, hydroponic gardening and container gardening.

In-ground beds

Choosing between in-ground vegetable garden beds and raised beds can be a confusing decision. Each type has its pros and cons, depending on your climate and soil conditions.

Raised beds are generally more effective for wet climates. This is because the sides help keep the soil moist. This is important for greens to thrive. However, raised beds are also more prone to flooding.

In-ground beds are easy to care for. You can usually transplant plants into these beds. In addition, they do not require frequent watering. They are also better for weed control.

Typically, in-ground gardens are less expensive than raised beds. You can easily create a garden in an existing lawn or field. But you may still need to amend the soil. You can make a soil blend by adding compost and topsoil. Then, add aged manure to the bed in the Fall for planting in the Spring.

While you’re planning your garden, it’s a good idea to test your soil for heavy metals. This is especially true if you live in an urban area. The roots of plants contain 2 to 51% of soil lead. You can reduce your risk of ingesting the metals by using good cleaning techniques.

Raised beds

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